22 Stars : when they were kids they had babies too


These celebrities became dads and moms since adolescents though Hollywood actors pursue parenthood within their twenties and forties! Though their avenues were hard and non traditional, they overcome the possibility to produce an impact and in their own manner, conquer hardship

22Oprah Winfrey

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She strove to cover up her tummy after Oprah Winfrey realized she had been pregnant just 14 yrs of age. Within a video on the Life class of Oprah, she talked about her youth, which had been fraught with rape, molestation, and abuse. Winfrey’s baby died soon.

For years, Winfrey maintained her pregnancy a secret, even before the story was sold by a comparative for about $ 19,000 into your tabloid in 1990. “Just my family members and closest friends understood” Winfrey had feared that the facts would damage. “I guessed that every individual on the street was about to point their finger shout, ‘Doctor at 14, you evil woman…expelled!'” I was not impressed. Nobody treated me. For twenty decades, I was hoping a reaction that never came”

She’s dedicated herself to improving the lives of children, though Winfrey has no kids. In South Africa, she found the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Women back in 2007.




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